Course Description

Are your children showing an interest in photography and sitting at home during the holidays a little bored? After all they have caught all the pokemons around your area.

All taught in a fun, two hour hands-on workshop aimed at children 7 to 12.

The PhotoFocus children’s workshop includes:

How to hold a camera properly.
What makes a good photo
Interesting camera angles
Composition, rule of thirds, framing and fill the frame
Using colour
Close up photography
Reviewing photos

This is a course which has been designed by our professional media photographers who have tested the courses on their own young children.

Whilst working in the media industry our photographers would always say “never work with children or animals” however they know exactly how to get each child to use their own creativity in a fun hands-on approach to taking an interesting picture.

With student numbers limited to 8 all students will receive plenty of one on one guidance from industry trained professionals. Professionals with over 25 year experience each, will assist you in learning what makes a good photo and how to capture it.

You will need to bring:

A parent or guardian; you never know they may learn something as well.
A digital camera, smart phone or tablet and a stuffed toy, doll or any toy as a subject.

If lending your children an expensive smartphone or camera makes you nervous, your children will pick up on it, and they’ll be nervous too. This is supposed to be fun!

The best way to get over your anxiety is to use a camera you don’t really care about. Use an old one, buy secondhand or even use your old phone from the bottom of your draw. That way you won’t get anxious or mad if an accident happens. (lets face it, it probably will).


Wednesday 12 October 2016

10:00am to 12pm (2hrs)

Churchlands, WA

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